BLOGGER : How to Get More Blog Comments On Every Article

It becomes hard for any blogger to take their blogs to the next level without having much reader interaction on their blogs. Agree?
If you want to build loyal readership around your blog(s), blog comments are the best way to start.
Without further ado here are few unique ways to get more blog comments on every article that you write.

Headlines are EVERYTHING

If you want to get blog comments, the first thing you should worry about is your headlines.
How are your headlines? Are they creating enough curiosity to open the links or they are just generic?
If you have attention grabbing headlines on all of your blog posts, you tend to get more blog comments. When people find your headlines interesting, they will further read your blog posts and if they find enough meat in your posts, they will like to give you something in return by sharing your posts or commenting on them.
So make sure you are spending quality time in writing great headlines that will make anyone to click on your posts.

Make it extremely easy to comment

Only 5 out of 100 people leave blog comments on any blog. Because most bloggers are lazy, they read the stuff and go away without taking any action.
So it’s your responsibility to make the commenting system as easy as possible to get more blog comments. Don’t use the captcha system on your comment box, it will scare anyone. Most readers will never comment if you use captcha on your blogs.
If you have a brand new blog, it’s a smart strategy to enable Facebook comments in your blog along with the normal commenting system. This way you will be able to pull more people’s attention to comment on your blogs, nevertheless to say Facebook commenting system is the easiest way to get more comments.
If you worry about getting spam blog comments, install G.A.S.P WP plugin. This is by far the best plugin to control spam comments when you use it along with the Akismet plugin.

Ask opinions at the end

Do you know the secret of getting more product sales, leads or blog comments?
It is, ASKING others to do it.
If you don’t ask, no one cares, simple as that.
Most bloggers who get less blog comments don’t ask their readers’ opinions about the post, and they don’t create any anticipation among their visitors.
If you want to get more blog comments on every article that you write, call your readers to take some action. It’s often called CTA (Call To Action); you can boost your comments by using CTA at the end of each post.
You could ask questions like, what do you think about the post, Do you have any more thoughts about the post, etc. to know their opinions.

Notify when they get replies

Comment notifier is the best WP plugin to get more blog comments. It will send emails to the commentators when you respond to them. You will also receive mails whenever you commenters further respond to you. This will improve the loyalty of your readership.
You can turn on automatic notification by default or you can modify a few changes manually.
Subscribe to Comments is another good alternative plugin that allows commenters to subscribe to e-mail notifications for subsequent comments.

Most people love CommentLuv

Have you observed CommentLuv enabled blogs? They get lots of blog comments every time. Why?
There are so many benefits of using CommentLuv on your blogs. Few are:
  • Your commenters will be able to show their recent posts
  • You can offer dofollow links to those who shares, circles or tweets
  • Most people love to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs
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