BLOGGING : How to Create a Blog on Blogspot for Free

Learn how to create a blog on Blogspot for free and start earning by working from home by writing posts on topics you like.
Today in this technological advance world Blogging has created a quite a stir. It is the next revolution for me, and it feels great to write and express you views. 

It not only gives you satisfaction but if you are good at writing and digital marketing, you can earn a handsome amount of money. I make few thousand dollars every month only from blogging.

Previously, on SaveDelete I have written many articles on blogging, and I wanted to start a basic guide for all that can help newbies to make a blog and earn. You can create a blog on many blogging platforms online, as there are tons of choices available. From those hundreds of options, I have picked my list of best blog sites to create a blog for free. You can read more about it, from the link.

The best thing a newbie would want is, creating a blog without any initial investments and also make money. or is one of those many options to establish that free blog and earn. I would say Blogspot is a suitable platform for any starter, and the process of opening a blog on Blogspot is even simpler. Today, we will be discovering how to create a blog on for free and earn money from it.

Before beginning this how-to tutorial, I would like to tell you two things about
It is free to open a blog on Blogspot, and Google owns this platform. Like Gmail, Blogspot is a service that allow anybody with a Google account to create a blog.

Step 1 of creating a free blog on Blogspot:

Open with your Google account logged in, for those who do not have a Google account can make an account for free, and you also get a free email id from Google’s Gmail.

For new users, you will get an option of using details from Google Plus profile or you also have the possibility of limited Blogspot profile. I will suggest you to choose the option of Google Plus Profile.
After successful login, you can just click on the new blog or click on the following link to create a new blog.

Step 2 – Naming your Blog:

You will be required to name your blog, and I suggest you should name it with a particular topic in your mind as it will benefit you in the long-term. Otherwise, you can start it with your name. Now you can select any template (changeable later). That is it you now own a blog on Blogspot, but there are few more essential steps to optimize it for better blogging performance.
how to create a blog on blogspot for free
The first thing you will see after the process above is your dashboard. This panel is also called backend; that contains several different menus to customize your blog theme, checking analytics and adding elements to make it more personal.

From this menu, you will also find ‘Posts’ and clicking on it will further give you option of ‘New post’, by this you can start writing your first blog post.
I know you must be excited to see this all, but remember to make relevant pages like About, Privacy, Contact at the start. All of these pages are useful for your readers to know more about you.
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