TECHNOLOGY : Cortana For Windows 10 Is Coming To 7 More Countries Including India With Local Customizations.

Microsoft’s smart and witty virtual assistant Cortana is coming to 7 more countries and that includes India. The Redmond-based company revealed in a blog post, that the reason for this delay in launch to these countries were the local and region specific customizations that they had to make for delivering a uniquely personal experience to people all over the world.

“I’m excited to share our plans for rolling out to new markets this year, and provide a behind the scenes look at what it takes to deliver a uniquely personal experience to people all over the world,” mentioned Marcus Ash in a blog post.

Note: In case you’re not in a mood to read the whole story, then you can scroll down and watch the official video for more details.

7 New Countries Will Get Cortana For Windows 10 On 29 July

The intelligent virtual assistant ‘Cortana’ will be launched in U.S., U.K., China, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany on 29 July 2015.
Cortana will also be available to the customers in the Windows Insider Program in several other countries over the coming months. It will be available in Australia and Japan, and in English in India and Canada. It will also come to Windows Insider customers in Brazil and Mexico, and also to those who speak French in Canada.

Cortana Isn’t Just Any Virtual Assistant. Its Understands Your Culture And Local Jokes.

Microsoft Cortana is far different from the other popular virtual assistants. It is customized as per the user requirements of various geographical regions. It is also customized to reflect the local language, idioms, and speech patterns of each country.

“Our goal with Cortana is to deliver a culturally relevant, approachable and helpful assistant as part of a great experience on Windows 10 devices,” said Marcus.

Cortana will track air quality and actively provide that information to its users in China, whereas it will play the national anthem when asked to play a song in Italy, thus reflecting their patriotism.

It also understands how the people in U.K. like self-deprecating humour. It will also use playful sarcasm in its responses if it detects you’re fooling around.

Microsoft has also made it aware of the cultural touchstones of each market. It celebrates Cannes Film Festival in France, loves Hockey in Canada, and celebrates Cricket and treats Sachin Tendulkar as a national hero in India. In Japan, a country will politeness is highly valued, it will bow the user by default.
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