TECHNOLOGY : The Power of Video for Traffic Generation

It may sound unbelievable, however video can be an extremely powerful and interactive way to capture attention and drive new traffic to your site.
Simply posting a video, however, does not guarantee that instant traffic will be generated. You have to make a great video and then post it where it will draw attention.

Once you have a viewer’s attention, they are much more likely to visit the site where the content originated.

Creating a Quality Video
A quality video requires certain elements, including:
  • Provides information
  • Is entertaining
  • Teaches something
  • Unique or unexpected
  • Share worthy
You also need to target a specific audience with your call to action and ensure it is SEO optimized. If you utilize these elements in your video, you are likely to generate more traffic for your site.
However, quality is not the only factor that impacts website traffic. There are other elements, as well, including how visible your video is and how many people actual see it.

Social Media Optimization
There is no doubt that social media is a powerful way to market your video. You can direct the social users on your pages and turn likes and followers into website visitors.

When you are posting video links to your social media, you need to consider the thumbnail that accompanies the link. This is basically the “enticing” factor that will determine if anyone follows your link. Due to the fact that social media is social, getting likes and views will not be difficult, however if you want to have click through to your website, a powerful call to action and enticing thumbnail are essential.

YouTube and Your Video
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There are millions of users searching for video each day, each minute. This means that you need to ensure that you include video SEO basics if you want to capitalize on YouTube searchers and turn them into traffic for your website.

In order to make the most of your video on YouTube you should make sure to fill out all of the metadata. This will be present upon upload of your video. You should ensure you add relevant keywords and keyword phrases to the Tags, closed captions, video title and descriptions. You should also take time to fill out the included data fields that explain when the video was produced and where it was located.

Video and Google Searches
Video has been a major player in Google searches since 2007, and creates a more enticing click than traditional URLs. This is just another opportunity to make use of the video you have posted to YouTube and the SEO efforts you have included. With the use of keywords and video, you can begin to infiltrate the very top rankings on Google.

Ad Placements
You can also opt to pay for your video to actually be an ad on YouTube or other types of on-demand video sites. This is if you have the inclination to do so and pay for your video to be seen. The fact is that with the ads, viewers may be less likely to actually click through to your website, since YouTube has been established as a video sharing site. If you take time to use SEO tactics including keywords your video is more likely to turn viewers into traffic for your website.
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